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GUOMAO cycloid B、X Series

GUOMAO cycloid B、X Series

GUOMAO Cycloid reducer high quality, reliable performance, complete specifications, reasonable price, won the Ministry of Machinery Industry and the title of quality products in Jiangsu Province.
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cycloid B、X Series
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      GUOMAO cycloid machine is used KHV small teeth difference planetary transmission novel mechanical transmission principle and cycloidal tooth meshing , widely used in textile, light food, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, lifting transport and construction machinery in areas such as driving and deceleration devices. "GUOMAO brand" cycloid reducer quality, reliable performance , complete specifications, reasonable price, won the Ministry of Machinery Industry and the title of quality products in Jiangsu Province.

      Cycloid planetary gear reducer All three parts : input part , slow down some of the output section. In the input shaft equipped with a dislocation of 180 ° double eccentric , eccentric sleeve is equipped with two roller bearings , the formation of H organizations , the center hole of two cycloidal gear is eccentric sleeve arm bearing raceway and meshed with the needle on the cycloid pin gear a ring gear arranged to form small teeth difference internal gear reduction mechanism ( in order to reduce friction in the small gear ratio , the needle with the needle toothed gear sets ) . When the week when the input shaft with eccentric rotation , due to the characteristics of the tooth Gallery curve cycloid pin gear and the gear restrictions and therefore subject to the needle , cycloidal motion that has become another revolution rotation of plane motion in when the input shaft forward a week , also rotating eccentric week cycloid turned in the opposite direction in order to get a tooth difference deceleration , re-W output mechanism , the low-speed rotation of the cycloidal motion through the pin , passed to the output axis , thereby obtaining a lower output speed .


B(X)W Series

B(X)L Series

The main features


A high speed gear ratio and high efficiency advanced, the reduction ratio can reach 1:87 efficiency of over 90%, if the multi-level transmission, a larger reduction ratio.

Second, small compact thanks to the planetary transmission principle, the input shaft and the input shaft on the same axis, so compact structure, small size.

Third, smooth operation, low noise cycloidal gear teeth meshing more large overlap factor and smooth with a mechanical mechanism that limit vibration and noise to a minimum.

Fourth, the use of reliable, long life due to major parts bearing steel, through hardened (HRC58-62) to obtain high strength, and department contacts with a rolling friction drive, so long durable life. Reasonable design, easy maintenance, easy installation decomposition, the minimum number of parts and simple lubrication, so cycloid reducer trusted by the user.

cycloid B、X Series
Cycloid reducer
gear reducer
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