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  • Product Name: SIEMENS FLENDER Standard Gear Box
  • Product Number: FLENDER Standard Gear Box
  • Time: 2014-04-03
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FLENDER standard reducer - Universal, high power capacity, adaptability

Standard reducer series for each mechanical power transmission field. The most comprehensive worldwide standard reducer series has compelling advantages: high efficiency, fast delivery, very attractive price. The product line includes helical gear reducer and bevel gear - helical gear reducer, single-stage and multi-stage planetary gear reducer and worm gear. They have different types and designs, from about 2000 Nm torque range to 2,600,000 Nm, designed in the form of almost unlimited.



Because it is a modular system, the delivery time is very short. Standard series has included major additional components, therefore, be adjusted according to customer requirements will not affect the delivery time of the reducer.

You will receive the following benefits:

Universal Reducer
The modular system
Fast delivery worldwide
High Power Capacity

By Industry

Cement, power plants and other belt conveyor, cement, food, etc. The bucket elevator, chemical reaction kettle stirring mechanism, Port Crane with lifting gear and so on.