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  • Time: 2014-04-08
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SKF stands for "Svenska Kullager-Fabriken" Chinese transliteration of the name "SKF", SKF bearings is the production of bearings, SKF bearings from the bearing of Shanghai Fu Shan in the world bearing industry, maintain its leading position. SKF provides standard products have all kinds of bearings more than two species. In addition to rolling bearings SKF Group, but also manufacturing linear bearings, plain bearings, bearing housings, ball and roller screw, textile machinery parts, retaining ring, machine tools and various precision mechanical parts.

SKF bearing applications industry
<1> mining, mineral processing and cement
<2> Motors and Generators
<3> Wind
<4> Industrial Pumps
<5> Industrial Drives
<6> Industrial Fan
<7> Aerospace
<8> Architecture
<9> wheelers
<10> Skating (SKF involving industry diagram)
<11> Agriculture
<12> Food and Beverage
<13> Plastics and Rubber
<14> Railway
<15> wire driving
<16> Compressor
<17> Printing Equipment
<18> and consumer products supporting the motor
<19> Pulp and Paper
<20> Cycling
<21> on the roll crusher