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  • Product Name: YR, YRKS, YRKK Series (H710~800) large-size High Voltage Wound Rotor Electric Motor
  • Product Number: YR, YRKS, YRKK Series
  • Time: 2014-11-07
  • Views : 323

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Technical Data


Rated Power


Rated Voltage


Frame Size




Protection Class

YR series: IP23

YRKS, YRKK series: IP54, IP55

Cooling Method

YR series: IC01

YRKS series: IC81W

YRKK series: IC611 or IC616


Structural Characteristics:

This series electric motors are the box-type construction, which made up of steel plate welded.Can be observed its interior after removing the cooler or protective cover, and also easy to be installed and maintained.The rotor is wound rotor type, with slip ring structure.The stator with insulation class F,made by VPI process,ensure the electric motor own the reliability of insulation, moisture-proof and shock resistance.Stator and bearings are fitted with the pt100 temperature measurement components.The motor bearings equiped with non-stop oiling and oil discharge device, improving the ability of itself protection and operation efficiency.When the power is more than 2000kW, according to the requirement of customer, another terminal box can be installed to pick up the neutral point of winding.

This series electric motor can be applied to the requirements as follows: 1. The lager starting torque; 2. Power capacity is not enough to start a squirrel cage motor; 3. Long start time or start more frequently; 4. Adjust speed in a small range.