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  • Product Name: Siemens N-compact motor power inverter
  • Product Number: N-compact
  • Time: 2014-02-28
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Compact Series VVVF three-phase cage induction motors are designed for Siemens voltage source inverter and supporting the development of a new generation of speed motor products, and Siemens SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVE, SINAMICS G150 and SIMOVERT MV constitutes a perfectly accurate AC frequency modulation speed system, is the ideal product widely used in the industry governor.
Compact Series VVVF three-phase cage induction motor devoted Siemens' same shaft height, maximum power output "design philosophy, greatly improving the power density of the motor, is a technology leader in the international arena by similar products for users minimum space required for maximum transmission.

Technical data overview

 Water-cooled motor: 800 - 1150 kW
 Forced ventilation motor: 200 - 1000 kW
 Self-ventilated motors: 200 - 1150 kW
 Shaft height: 315, 355, 400, 450 mm
 Poles: 2 - 8
 Rated voltage: 400 VD / 690 VY
 Drive governor: line-powered and drives governor
 Protection class: IP55, IP23
 Cooling Type: IC 411, IC 416, IC01, IC 71 W
 Structure type: IM B3, IM B 35, IM V1
 Bearings: Roller Bearings
 Compliance with regulations / standards: IEC, EN

Customer benefits


1.to achieve the highest efficiency, thus reducing operating costs.
2.high power density and compact design allows lower space requirements, and lighter weight.
3.gray cast iron casing and the shaft shield with torque rigidity and very strong. This means they can withstand extreme load, the effective attenuation of vibration, and good corrosion resistance.
4.bearing design can achieve the highest level of reliability. And, in turn, has brought a great shock characteristics, longer life and lower repair and maintenance costs.
5.DURIGNIT IR 2000 VPI insulation system uses current technology or UV penetration, to ensure a high level of reliability, long life and high load capacity, such as during acceleration or overload conditions.
6.low noise level, and therefore meet the high security requirements of the labor law provisions.

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