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  • Product Name: Siemens Beide YR, YRKK, YRKS high voltage winding motor
  • Product Number: YR、YRKK、YRKS
  • Time: 2014-04-02
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The products mainly include YR, YRKK, YRKS series, when the motor speed, the excess energy is consumed, therefore, is mainly characterized by its use of a large starting torque.
The motor uses square box structure of the upper and lower body are welded steel, beautiful appearance, easy maintenance. The stator whole leaching process using VPI, silver winding and medium frequency welding head, slip ring systems using German technology, and a winding, bearing temperature measurement devices, motors with high reliability and excellent performance.

Technical data overview

Frame number: center height 355 ~ 900
Power Range: 185 ~ 9000kW
Voltage rating: 3kV, 6kV, 10kV
Protection class: IP00, IP23, IP44, IP54, IP55
Insulation class: F, H
Cooling: IC01, IC411, IC611, IC81W
Installation: B3

By Industry

Motors are widely used in coal, chemical, petrochemical, power, metallurgy and other industries.