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  • Product Name: Siemens Beide YQW high voltage submersible motors
  • Product Number: YQW
  • Time: 2014-04-02
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YQW series three-phase asynchronous motors submersible structure, there are two types: one is YQWZ Series Axial, Tubular is a YQWG series. The common feature of these motors is the motor and pump combination as a whole, compact structure, good rigidity, small footprint, low capital investment, ease of use, low lift used in water conservancy projects, large flow, and for flood control and drainage, water environmental management, water allocation and so on. As people's living environment of increasing demands, this new technology will be rapid development.
Structural characteristics of the motors is that they are welded structural steel drum. YQWG of binoculars, the motor is located in the central pipe. On its own cooling water flowing through the outer cooling. The stator class F insulation structure, after repeated immersion VPI entire process, improves the moisture resistance and dielectric strength. Copper rotor cage structure, the shaft is stainless steel and has a moisture, corrosion, winding bearing temperature, humidity sensor, water leakage and other devices to improve the reliability of the motor is running and underwater life.

Technical data overview

Power range: 45 ~ 4000kW
Voltage rating: 380V/660V/6kV/10kV
Protection class: IP68
Insulation class: F, H
Installation: B3


By Industry

The motor used in water conservancy project.