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  • Product Name: FLENDER SIMOGEAR Gearmotors
  • Product Number: FLENDER
  • Time: 2014-04-03
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FLENDER SIMOGEAR modular geared motor combination, there are four types: coaxial, parallel shaft, helical gear - worm type, bevel gear gear motors. Rated torque up to 20000Nm. Directly connected to the motor can install a variety of options: brakes, encoders, forced cooling fan. Case of gray cast iron, the same base torque 10-20% higher than the opponent, speed ratio, three gear up to about 400, a large shaft diameter range of options.


Parallel shaft


Bevel gear

Helical - worm

By Industry
Transmission lines, lifting the travel agency industry, stirring, pumps, etc., beer, beverage, packaging, plastics, chemicals, and other industries lifting large number of applications.


Customer benefits
Siemens SIMOGEAR gear motor with superior energy performance . For example: its two helical gears - bevel gear gearbox is particularly suitable for conveyor applications , efficiency greater than 96% , the ratio of up to i = 60. Two coaxial and parallel shaft gearboxes also excellent , efficiency is above 96 %. SIMOGEAR motor uses a plug- pinion , compared to the traditional set -in pinion , gearbox ratio greater availability of the first stage . Therefore , in many cases , for the same ratio, using two transmission gearbox SIMOGEAR more efficient , while the remaining three-stage transmission gear box efficiency will be lower.

Low running costs
As a plug- pinion design , reducing the oil-soaked power loss , ensuring SIMOGEAR gear motor with excellent energy performance . Ideal combination is :
SIMOGEAR gear motor with SINAMICS G120D inverter with the function of supporting the use of energy feedback . This can significantly save valuable energy , thereby reducing operating costs for our customers . Longer maintenance intervals , longer uptime, customers also can reduce operating costs .

Low noise
Run SIMOGEAR gear motor is very quiet. As a result of the design of the plug-in pinion , the peripheral velocity of the first stage of the gearbox is small , thus significantly reducing the noise level. In addition , it comes standard with noise fan cover . For a motor with a brake , the brake can also choose sealed to further reduce the noise .

Environmental Waste disposal
From initial production to final waste disposal throughout the product lifecycle , Siemens can ensure a high level of environmental protection. Up to 90 % of the parts can be completely recycled.