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  • Product Name: GUOMAO ZLYJ series reducer
  • Product Number: ZLYJ reducer
  • Time: 2014-04-03
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Transmission parts GUOMAO ZLYJ series reducer for plastic screw extruder supporting the design of high precision hardened thrust seat belt for the plastics and rubber industries. Product design using various technical specifications stipulated ZBJ19009-88, which is characterized by gear and shaft parts with a high-strength alloy steel. Gear carburizing, quenching, grinding processing technology, precision gears for the GB10095-88, 6 grade, tooth surface hardness HRC54 ~ 62, rated power :0.18-2000kw, input speed: 1500rpm. Axial thrust in front of the hollow input shaft thrust bearing is equipped with large size, bear the screw at work. Machine has small volume, high load carrying capacity, smooth transmission, low noise, high efficiency.