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  • Product Name: SIEMENS G110 AC Driver
  • Product Number: G110
  • Time: 2014-04-03
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       Siemens new generation inverter SINAMICS series, after all Siemens converter will SINAMICS beginning. MM series, MasterDrive series will gradually withdraw from the market. SINAMICS G is universal, SINAMICS V for the economy, SINAMICS S is a high performance model. SINAMICS G110 AC drives is especially suitable for fan and pump drive, or drive as a variety of industrial equipment, such as the food industry, textile industry and packaging industries, as well as belt drive systems, factory gate and garage door drive chain drive, can also be used as general-purpose drive mobile billboard.



Technical data overview

Supply voltage and rated output power 1AC ,200-240V ± 10%; 0.12-3kW; operating temperature -10 ° C to 40 ° C;


By Industry

Suitable for pumps and fans, or for various industrial fields (such as food, textile and packaging industries) in the drive for use as conveyor systems, factory gate and garage door drives, or as a mobile billboard and fitness for Universal drive equipment.