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  • Product Name: SIEMENS G120 AC Driver
  • Product Number: G120
  • Time: 2014-04-03
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       The new modular with AC Driver fail-safe protection and universal fieldbus communication and feedback function with renewable energy. More flexible, energy-efficient, reliable inverter. The new SINAMICS G120 AC Driver series is designed to provide an economical AC motor precision speed / torque control. According to different dimensions (dimensions FSA to FSF) covering the power range 0.37kW AC Driver to 132kW, widely used in a variety of variable frequency drive applications. The is widely used as a general purpose industrial and commercial, automotive, textile, printing and chemical industries, for transmission from one end to the other end, for example, a conveyor belt system.


Technical data overview
Voltage and power range 380-690V ± 10% three-phase AC,0.37-250KW.


By Industry
Suitable for the entire industry and trade in the field of general-purpose inverters, for example, can be used in the automotive, textile, printing, chemical industry and the general high-level applications. (Eg transport applications)