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  • Product Name: SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-200CN
  • Product Number: S7-200CN
  • Time: 2014-04-08
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S7-200 series PLC applied to all walks of life, all kinds of occasions in the detection, monitoring and control automation. S7-200 series of powerful features that make it both in stand-alone, or connected to a network Jieneng complex control functions. Therefore S7-200 series has a very high performance / price ratio.


The maximum capacity of 256 digital , analog maximum of 44 points .
CUP Model : 221,222,224,224 XP, 226 five. The maximum number of seven expansion modules .
Automation suite and projects through a small sample program has been prepared to provide you with a complete solution .
STEP 7 Micro-Win built-in wizard , command library and enhanced user features .
Integrated text display configuration function in STEP 7 Micro-Win .
You can print TD customizable graphical screen panels, used to indicate the machine functions.
Remote programming and diagnostics can be performed via analog / GSM-GPRS modem via Ethernet / Internet or over.
In -line editing is invalid provides additional program memory. Through the " front panel LED" configuration , fault diagnosis is indicated .
 S7-200 CN "hardware standardization " is derived from the use of common modules and accessories . Analog signal processing advantages ( you can set the sampling time , precision, filtering time ) . Fully enhance the " ease of use" and "production flexibility" concept. By combining SCALANCE wireless / Ethernet / Internet , S7-200 CN can be used as a component " building automation " solutions used.
Emphasis on solutions , not confined to a single product sales , stressed to provide customers with a range of combination products.