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  • Product Name: Siemens SINUMERIK Controllers
  • Product Number: SINUMERIK
  • Time: 2014-04-08
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SINUMERIK is the perfect machine for automatic control system. Whether it is for a small processing workshop, or a large number of mass-produced, SINUMERIK are the right choice for you.

Motion Control offers directly to the machine manufacturer SINUMERIK CNC system and servo drive systems SIMODRIVE, SINAMICS products and solutions. SINUMERIK and SIMODRIVE can be widely used in manufacturing automation automotive, mold manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, consumer goods manufacturing, energy and power equipment manufacturing, Siemens motion control products can fully meet your various fields within specific requirements: Whether it is high-tech high-precision machine tools, CNC equipment or the economy from a global technology leader in the economic and practical 840D 802C / S base line, SINUMERIK there must be a full range of products to suit your needs.