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  • Product Name: Three Phase Asynchronous Electric Motors for Air Compressors
  • Product Number: Motors for Air Compressors
  • Time: 2014-10-27
  • Views : 64

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Technical Data

Rated Power:5.5kw~315kw(IP54),30kw~280kw(IP23)
Frame Size:132~355(IP54),180~315(IP23)
Cooling Method:IC411(IP54),IC01(IP23)
Mounting Type:IMB3,IMB35
Service Factor:SF1.15,SF1.2,SF1.25


  Structural Characteristics:

This series three phase asynchronous electrical motors for air compressor are specially designed according to the operation performance and usage of the helical-lobe compressor, with protection degree IP54 or IP23. Its insulation system is designed for temperature class 155(F),and can be used in temperature class 130(B) at rated output,and used in temperature class F at service factor output.With standard configuration imported bearing, high precision of parts processing and accurate assembly ensure bearings have high reliability. Its rated power and mounting dimension meet IEC standard. This series electric motor has the characteristics of high efficiency, high reliability, low noise, little vibration.Its the most suitable product for helical-lobe compressor.