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  • Product Name: SIMO IE3 Energy Efficient Motors
  • Product Number: SIMO IE3
  • Time: 2015-04-27
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YE3 series premium efficiency three phase asynchronous motor (IP55) is the low voltage totally enclosed fan cooled squirrel cage asynchronous motor
YE3 motor efficiency value completely reach class 2 standard of GB18613-2012,and conform to IE3 degree of international IEC60034-30 standard
Application fields: machine tools, water pump, blower, compressor, and transportation, print, agriculture, food & more industries
YE3 series motor mounting dimension and power rating conform to international IEC standards, and accordance with German DIN42673 standard
Frame size 280-355 motors equipped with oil drain and injection system


Technical Data

Frame size: 80-355
Pole: 2~8
Power : 0.75kW-375kW
Rated voltage: 380V
Protection degree: IP55
Cooling method: IC411
Insulation class: F