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  • Product Name: Single Phase Induction Motor
  • Product Number: Y7124
  • Time: 2016-01-16
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Basic Motor Information

1. Frame size 56-132
2. Power 0.25-4KW (1/3HP-5.5HP)
3. Voltage 220V
4. Rated Frequency 50 Hz/60Hz 
5. Poles  2/4/6 
6. Speed 3000/1500/1000 r/min
7. Ambient Temperature  -15°C≤0≤40°C 
8. Duty continuous (S1)
9. Insulation Class  B , F
10. Protection Class IP44, IP54
11. Frame material Cast iron or aluminum 
12. Cooling Method IC411
15. Altitude No more than 1,000 meters above sea level

Motor Features
1.The mounting dimension is fully comformed with IEC standard.
2.High starting torque,smooth turning.
3.Low temperature rise.
4.Low noise.
5.Slight vibration.
6.Power saving.
7.Long life.
8.Beautiful appearance.
9.Outstanding performance,easy maintenance.

widely used in the air compressor,pump,refrigerator,washing machine,medical equipment,wood-working machinery,all kinds of agricultural machinery and so on.