Siemens H-compact high voltage cage induction motor

产品概要: H-compact 系列高压笼型三相异步电动机倾注了西门子“相同的轴高,大的功率输出”的设计理念,大大提高了电机的功率密度,为用户以小的空间获取大的传动要求,具有高效、节能、 低噪音和高可靠性等特点,是高压电动机行业用户的理想选择。

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高压 kw 电机 用于 轴承 设计 h-compact 可以 版本 防爆


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Customers' requirements in terms of energy saving, environmental protection, and smaller size, as well as various requirements of domestic and foreign markets, have further developed the H-compact series and have proved their worth in global applications.

H-compact motors are used in a wide variety of industries such as oil and gas, paper, chemical and steel industries. In these fields, they are commonly used to drive compressors, fans, refiners, crushers, winnowing systems, etc.

The H-compact is available in a version that can be directly connected to line power, as well as a version that operates with a governor. There is also a version with explosion protection.

Thanks to its innovative technology, H-compact sets new standards in the industry for high-voltage motors.


Technical data at a glance

Water-cooled motor:

1300kW - 1700kW

Forced ventilation motor:

200kW - 3000kW

Self-ventilated motor:

1000kW - 3000kW

Axle height:

315, 355, 400, 450, 500, 560, 630 mm

Number of poles:

2-12 poles

Rated voltage:

2 - 11kV

Drive governor:

Line Powered and Drive Governors

Protection class:


Cooling Type:

IC411, IC416, IC71W

structure type:

IM B3, IM B35, V1


Roller Bearings, Sleeve Bearings

Compliant Regulations/Standards:



- Explosion proof version available

- Non-sparking (Ex n) for use in Class 2 areas

- Increased safety (Ex e) for use in category 1 areas, shaft height 315-400

- Pressurized version (Ex pe II) available in Class 1 areas, shaft height 450-560

Customer benefits

High efficiency and thus reduced operating costs are achieved.

High power density and compact design result in lower space requirements and lower weight.

Additional benefits include a robust bearing design, and the rotor's cast aluminum squirrel cage design for high levels of reliability and low parasitic losses (stray losses).

Bearings are designed to achieve high reliability levels. And, in turn, this has resulted in excellent shock resistance, longer life and lower repair and maintenance costs.

MICALASTIC® insulation with VPI technology (temperature class F) ensures a high degree of reliability, long operating life and high load capacity under fault conditions, e.g. under acceleration or underload conditions.

The noise level is low and therefore complies with the high safety requirements stipulated by labor laws.

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