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Job Offers

Sales Engineer (Automation, Transmission, Power Distribution)

8-13 K (depending on ability)




work experience:



Number of recruits:


Academic requirements:

Job Responsibilities:


1. Responsible for the sales of Siemens motors, domestic motors, SKF bearings and other products (the sales direction can be determined according to the candidate's experience, interests and expertise);


2. Collect customer information and visit the door to bring perfect solutions to customers;


3. Negotiation and signing of sales contracts, product delivery follow-up;


4. Recovery of sales payment;


5. Customer after-sales processing and customer relationship maintenance.




1. Age 22-35 years old, college degree or above, love sales work;

2. Strong learning ability, able to adapt to all kinds of training and learning organized by the company;


3. Have teamwork ability and career mentality;


4. More than 1 year sales experience, strong market development ability, and industrial product sales experience is preferred.


Salary and benefits:


1. Salary: 8-13 K (depending on ability)


2. Five insurances and one housing fund;


3. Meal supplement/talk supplement;


4. Training subsidies;


5. Year-end bonus;


6. Free physical examination;


7. Paid annual leave;


8. Annual tourism;


9. Equity incentive;


10. Self-built park apartments;


11. Daily fresh fruit;


12. The next generation training fund.


Working place: Dongguan/Quanzhou/Changsha/Xi'an/Nanchong/Suining/Ganzhou/Jinan/Foshan Chancheng/Foshan Shunde

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