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In 1997,Foshan Zhengda Electrical&Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd founded. In 2012, its name changed to Guangdong Lingyi Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd.

We sales and agent for domestic and international mechanical and electrical products. With 18 years development, we become one of the best companies in the industry for mechanical and electrical products system integration、logistics service and investment. The company has set up 21 subsidiaries located in southern、central、eastern and northern China,.


The products categories include:

1、Transmission Products: high and low voltage motor, gear reducer, bearings, inverter and complete electrical cabinets

2、Automation Products: automation systems, motion control, low voltage control products and systems, sensor and communication products,

3、Power distribution Products: low-voltage power distribution products, medium voltage circuit breaker, intelligent building system and equipment.

4、Machinery components.


Count on our 19 years industry experiences. Guangdong Lingyi Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd give you one-stop industrial products sourcing, procurement, system integration and services, satisfy your different needs in the industry. 

We are looking forward to cooperating with you.






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