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1.Companies morning training:
   Every morning 7:58 minutes, the company required all employees under the authority of the manager's position with the company read read aloud morning training:
  .Chia today, because you and I join;
  .Chia tomorrow, by you and me fighting。
  .Integrity, professionalism, innovation, win-win
  .Social services, the pursuit is our first positive adults。


2.The company's corporate purpose:Social services, the pursuit of our common goals first!

3.The concept of the company who:Respect for the individual, customer first, continuous improvement, self-improvement

4.The company's employment outlook:TALENT

5.The image of the company's sales are:
   Travels one thousand plant Vanguard, arduous journey. Tried every means, devoting a thousand words. Service to millions of households,——Businessmen do engineering。

6.Employees Reminders:
  .Do not work hard today, tomorrow, looking for work

7.Company to serve the community:
a.Regularly organizes various reports, training courses, inviting well-known professors teach, and constantly improve the level of the Company's and the region's business management and operations。
b.Actively participate in social activities and public welfare, to participate in tree planting, people running, Foshan Autumn, Tongji line, donate money and other activities; annual blood donation organization employees, donated to social welfare institutions。
c.Enhance communication with suppliers, distributors, customers, organizing bowling, karaoke OK contest, actively participate in the NPC and CPPCC sessions in various activities, associations, Trade Unions, street offices。

8.Develop good health, sense of innovation
a.Weekly sports activities, regular staff textbook, and create new knowledge, exercise atmosphere。
b.Founder of "Chia electromechanical" newspaper, one every two months, the company is divided into news articles, papers and technical knowledge, management articles and literary arts articles。

a.Foshan enterprises trophy for love
b.For the new century, China Enterprise Development Strategy Forum Honor Award
c.Awarded "Credible" certificates
d.Won the "advanced grassroots party organizations," the title


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