Siemens N-compact high-power variable frequency speed motor

Product overview: The customer's requirements for energy saving, environmental protection, smaller size, and various requirements of domestic and foreign markets have made the N-compact series further developed and proved its value in global applications. N-compact motors are widely used in various industries such as oil and gas, paper, chemical and steel industries. In these fields, they are commonly used to drive compressors, fans, refiners, crushers, winnowing systems, etc.

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The Compact series cage-type variable frequency speed regulation three-phase asynchronous motor is a new generation of speed regulation motor products developed by Siemens specially for the matching of voltage source inverters. It is an ideal product widely used in the speed regulation industry.

The Compact series cage-type variable frequency speed regulation three-phase asynchronous motor is poured into the Siemens design concept of "same shaft height, large power output", which greatly improves the power density of the motor and provides users with large transmission requirements in a small space.


Technical data at a glance

Water-cooled motor:

800 - 1150kW

Forced ventilation motor:

200 - 1000 kW

Self-ventilated motor:

200 - 1150 kW

Axle height:

315, 355, 400, 450 mm

Number of poles:

2 - 8

Rated voltage:

400 V ∆ / 690 V Y, 500 V ∆, 690 V ∆

Drive governor:

Line Powered and Drive Governors

Protection class:

IP55, IP23

Cooling Type:

IC 411, IC 416, IC01, IC 71W

structure type:

IM B3, IM B 35, IM V1


roller bearing

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Customer benefits

High efficiency and thus reduced operating costs are achieved.

High power density and compact design result in lower space requirements and lower weight.

Grey cast iron housing and shaft end shields are torque rigid and robust. This means they can withstand extreme loads, damp vibrations effectively, and resist corrosion very well.

The bearing design enables high reliability levels. And, in turn, this has resulted in excellent shock resistance, longer life and lower repair and maintenance costs.

The DURIGNIT IR 2000 insulation system with VPI technology or current UV impregnation ensures a high level of reliability, long service life and high load capacity, eg under acceleration or overload conditions.

The noise level is low and therefore complies with the high safety requirements stipulated by labor laws.

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