Tianyang YS aluminum shell woodworking machinery row drilling motor

Tianyang YS series drilling aluminum casing motor has the characteristics of light weight, low vibration, low noise, and also has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, anticorrosion, energy saving, high performance and long service life. It is an irreplaceable environmental protection type of ordinary motor. New product.

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YS row drill aluminum shell moto


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      Tianyang YS series woodworking machinery drill motor is based on the aluminum shell motor, which is optimized and designed to follow the operation characteristics of woodworking machinery. The speed is 2800 rpm, and the insulation grade is F. It has large over-torque torque, low noise and high efficiency. High, high processing precision, beautiful appearance, the body adopts alloy aluminum structure, used for woodworking machinery row drilling special motor, beautiful structure, good heat dissipation performance, stable operation. It is a special motor for woodworking machinery, with stable quality, high market share and competitive price.

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