Siemens Flender FLENDER standard gear reducer

The FLENDER range of standard gear units has been developed for applications in the field of mechanical transmission. It is divided into two categories: parallel axis and orthogonal axis, which can provide horizontal installation and vertical installation. Each series of products has a modular design, which makes the box and internal parts highly combinable, interchangeable and has high transmission efficiency. The progressive power range is beneficial to economy; through the unique gear grinding process and reshaping process, the gear meshing degree is high and the noise is reduced; the large fan and the new guide fan cover are used to greatly improve the heat dissipation capacity of the reducer. Google 主页

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FLENDER Standard Gearheads – Universal, high power capacity and adaptable.

The standard gearhead range is suitable for every field of mechanical power transmission. This standard gear series offers convincing advantages: high efficiency, fast delivery and attractive prices. The product range includes helical and bevel-helical gear units, single- and multi-stage planetary gear units, and worm gear units. They are available in different types and designs, with torques ranging from approx. 2000 Nm to 2,600,000 Nm, in virtually unlimited designs.

Due to the modular system, delivery times are extremely short. Major additional components are already included in the standard range, so that adjustments to the reducer according to the customer's requirements do not affect delivery times.

You Will Get The Following Benefits:

Universal gear unit. Modular system.

Fast delivery worldwide.

High power capacity.

Application Industry:

Belt conveyors for cement and power plants, bucket elevators for cement and grain, mixing mechanisms for reaction kettles in chemical plants, reducers for port lifting, etc.

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