Over the years, SIMATIC Panels have proven their worth in numerous applications in various industrial sectors, where innovations are constantly intensified. An example is the SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panel, which is used for demanding visualization tasks. These operator panels are not only innovative in design, but also high performance. It is unique in that it can be configured with SIMATIC WinCC V11. The software is part of the "TIA Portal", a new engineering software platform that supports energy efficiency management like never before.

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IMATIC panels The operator panel for all your needs

Integrated functionality spans all display sizes

SIMATIC panel product series has a clear structure, and the two equipment series cover the vast majority of human-machine interface applications:

• SIMATIC HMI compact panel is suitable for simple HMI applications.

• SIMATIC HMI smart panel is suitable for complex applications.

The hardware functions of the operation screen in the same series are the same. You can select the display size for a specific application and decide whether to achieve the operation task through the touch screen or the key screen. You can extend the software to meet the requirements of human-machine interface or SCADA solution and corresponding automation tasks. The advantage is that you can start on a smaller scale and increase the number of variables at any time without causing problems.

Mobile operator control and monitoring - through wireless mode, with fully integrated safety functions

For devices that are expensive or difficult to observe in the factory, portable operator panels have more advantages: commissioning engineers, machine operators, or maintenance personnel can work where they can observe the workpiece or process.

SIMATIC HMI mobile panel is divided into wired and wireless versions. The wireless mobile panel realizes fully integrated security functions through wireless industrial Ethernet. Previously, it only supported wired mobile panels.

Support efficiency

Using SIMATIC WinCC V11, you can visually configure the SIMATIC panel. By integrating WinCC V11 into the fully integrated automation Sharing Project box "TIA botu"

And use fully integrated automation components such as SIMATIC controllers to improve efficiency.

Collaboration with step 7 prevents multiple input of data and always ensures consistency in data management.

Ease Of Use Outstanding Features Of Simatic Hmi Panel

with various display sizes, it can be used to complete simple or complex human-machine interface tasks

• mobile operator control and monitoring - even wireless, with fully integrated security features

• intuitive configuration

• engineering configuration efficiency can be improved by using additional fully integrated automation components

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