SIRIUS (domestic) 3RU6/3RU5 thermal overload relay

3RU61/3RU51热过载继电器可用于三相和单相交流或直流电动机的保护。 如使用3RU61/3RU51热过载继电器保护单相交流或直流负载,需将三极串联使用

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The 3RU61/3RU51 thermal overload relays can be used for the protection of three-phase and single-phase AC or DC motors.

If 3RU61/3RU51 thermal overload relay is used to protect single-phase AC or DC load, it is necessary to connect three poles in series.


Ambient temperature:

According to the IEC60947-4-1 standard, the 3RU61/3RU51 thermal overload relays have temperature compensation in the temperature range of -40 to +60°C.

For the temperature range +60°C to +80°C, the upper limit setting must be corrected by the correction factor given in the table below.

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