Siemens Beide 1MC4 high-voltage high-efficiency flameproof motor

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      1MC4 high-voltage flameproof motor is a compact high-voltage flameproof product developed by Siemens Large Special Motors (Shanxi) Co., Ltd. on the series platform of Siemens European products according to the needs of China's industry. Its efficiency reaches China's secondary energy efficiency level. It can be widely used in dangerous areas of Zone 1 and Zone 2 such as mines, ports, chemical industry, petrochemical and so on.

Explosion-proof mark: Ex d IIB T4 Gb

power: 280-710(10kV 4J)

number of poles: 2-8

Center high: 400-450


cooling method: IC411


Housing Material: Cast Iron
Installation method: IM B3
Efficiency: China Energy Efficiency Level 2(GB30254-2013

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